Addiction Treatment Centers

Detoxification is an essential step in the addiction treatment process. A Medical Detox program helps you or your loved one safely stop using the substance(s) of abuse by removing residual toxins caused by the body’s physiological dependence on the drug(s) in a safe, medically-supervised setting. While both drug or alcohol detox can be physically unpleasant at times, without this process toxins may remain in the body and continue to cause cravings, psychological and emotional distress, medical issues, or other complications. Since substance use causes changes in the body’s biochemistry, it takes time, professional supervision, and individualized treatment to recover and restore equilibrium.

An addiction assessment is a process where an addict and their family can sit down with a trained counselor to help them locate the most suitable drug treatment center within the area. Some addicts will require some very specific forms of treatment for their addiction, and this includes specialized rehabilitation programs. The assessment can end up being very specific, which will only help increase the chance of success.